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Shooting Caterpillars in Spain


Shooting Caterpillars in Spain is the compelling story of two innocents abroad in the depths of Andalusia in the late ’80s. Alex and James’s experiences (and those of their cats) will have you in tears of laughter – and occasionally just in tears – as they lurch from one disaster to another. Not your usual account of expats enjoying a life of sun, sea and sangria, but a enchanting tale of triumph and disaster that captures the essence of country living in Spain. A down-to-earth, warts-and-all, absorbing read!


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"An interesting and amusing insight into life in a foreign country in the 80's. All of us stuck in our 'way of life' imagine an easy lifestlye for all those who choose to go and live in warmer climes !! NOT SO ! This book illustrates just how versatile and resourceful people have to be to try and make things work when outside influences have such an impact on day to day life but as the book shows, a sense of humour is vital to pave the way to success and just to keep going against the odds!! Book 2 on it's way?" - Mrs Patricia A Brooks, Amazon

"This account of life as it really is for your average couple without much money in the Spanish countryside, warts and all, made me laugh until my sides hurt. The illustrations are excellent and add another dimension. I can't wait for "what happened next", what about it Alex?" - A Customer, Amazon

I really enjoyed this fast moving and thoroughly amusing tale. Alex has painted a vivid and fascinating picture of life for a brave but innocent couple buying their first property in Spain. The succession of difficult but hilarious situations and her perception and description of all the colourful characters involved kept me riveted to the end. - Peter, Amazon

Wonderful holiday read, especially for those who have a holiday home and/or considering moving to Spain, very light hearted and easy to read. - tonyalfagtv, Amazon

Despite the fact that this book details moving abroad some years ago it provides a good sense of the highlights and pitfalls of this kind of learning curve. Alex writes in a way that allows you to care about her and her family - although not necessarily about all the people they meet! - Sara Walker, Amazon

A lovely entertaining read about moving to Spain in the 1980's. I would love to know what has happened since and if they are still in Spain. Has a nice selection of photos and illustrations so often not included in books there days. Great book. - sos, Amazon

It was laugh-out-loud funny and a pleasure to translate. I learned quite a bit about life in Spain in the process and kept my boyfriend entertained reading the best bits aloud. - Agnieszka Czuchra, Amazon

Having spent quite some time in the region where the book is set, I found the book highly enjoyable. Alex has a very compelling writing style and tells her story with honesty and humour. I can't understand some of the slightly negative reviews, I found the book captivating and read the whole thing very quickly - I am hoping that Alex writes more !! - LGM, Amazon

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RRP: £7.95 Survival Books
Author: Alex Browning
ISBN-10: 978-1-901130-49-2/5
ISBN-13: 978-1-901130-49-2/5
Edition: 1st
Published: 1st Oct 2005
Number of Pages: 268 Pages
Dimensions: 148mm W x 210mm H
Book Type: Paperback