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London’s Hidden Corners, Lanes & Squares

The inspiration for this book was the advice of the great Dr Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), who was something of an expert on London, to his friend and biographer James Boswell on the occasion of his trip to London in the 18th century, to ‘survey its innumerable little lane and courts’....

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  • Living Abroad
    Posted on: 16th Jan 2015

    If you’re planning to live abroad, whether permanently or for part of the year only, you must ensure that it will be possible (legally) and that you will be able to afford it before making any plans. Note that if you don't qualify to live in a country by birthright or as a national of a country that's a member of a treaty such as the European Union (EU), it may be impossible to obtain a residence...

  • Do You Need a Permit or Visa?
    Posted on: 16th Jan 2015

    Before making any plans to live abroad, you must ensure that you will be permitted to freely enter and leave a country, live there as long as you wish and become a resident, and do anything else you have in mind, such as work as self-employed, start a business or buy a home. For example, a national of a European Union (EU) country can live and work in any other EU country, although there's no automatic...