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Rural Living in France


Rural Living in France is mandatory reading for anyone who aspires to living the good life in rural France. It illustrates the pitfalls as well as the pleasures of rural life in France, including a wealth of practical advice on everything from buying property and land to selling products and produce; from keeping poultry and other livestock to using machinery and hiring plant. Rural Living in France is the only book written especially for newcomers who yearn for a slice of French country life, and is guaranteed to help you overcome or avoid the pitfalls of rural living. Whatever your needs or interests, you’ll find them covered in detail in this book.

            Rural Living in France is packed with comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate information, facts and figures, and 'insider’ tips, all written and presented in the easy to read and understand style for which Survival Books are famous. Our books will save you weeks or months of research, answer hundreds of questions, including many you hadn’t even thought of.


Download the PDF Sample now FREE of charge (including the Table of Contents) and see for yourself the wealth of information this book contains.



it's a book I'd write myself. Honest, informative, couched in everyday language. Information based on experience rather than opinion. Many website addresses that for me, even after some time in France, were a complete and delightful revelation.
Good social advice on neighbours, local services etc.
In fact all the stuff usually found out (the hard way) after years of living in France. Definitely the one book to buy
- Mr. MichaelAnthonyKinch (Amazon)

full of amusing tales and interesting tips a very good book which one can refer to again and again handy if you live in france!! - Mrs Ann Aspland

Covers almost everything, a great book to get you started in France. We just need to move now so I can put it all into practice! - Dolly, Amazon

the book was not as complete as Living in France. though it did have some useful information in it.
I suppose I was looking for how to manage the land, times of planting, pruning. what to plant etc.
which trees, to plant for quick growing for privacy in hedgerows and which are good for coppicing for fences and later for firewood.
any suggestions?
- Imp, Amazon

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Author: J. C. Jeremy Hobson
ISBN-13: 978-1-901130-99-1
Edition: 1st
Published: 1st Aug 2006
Number of Pages: 288 Pages
Dimensions: 148mm W x 210mm H
Book Type: Paperback