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Culture Wise China


The Essential Guide to Culture, Customs & Business Etiquette

Travellers often underestimate the cultural isolation they can face abroad, particularly in a country with a different language. While most foreigners have no problem accepting that China will be different from their own country, they may be surprised at just how different it is! Most newcomers find China a very ‘foreign’ country indeed and some come unstuck as a result. Culture Wise China will help you understand China and adapt to the Chinese way of life and enable you to quickly feel at home.


Inside you’ll discover:

? How to deal with and overcome culture shock

? The historical & political background to modern China

? Chinese attitudes & values – at home and at work

? Do’s, don’ts & taboos

? How to enjoy yourself the Chinese way

? Business & professional etiquette

? China’s spoken & body language

? Getting around China safely

? Shopping the Chinese way


The Culture Wise series of guides is essential reading for visitors who want to understand how a country really works. Whether you’re planning to stay for a few days or a lifetime, they will help you find you feet after arrival, settle in smoothly and integrate into your new surroundings.

            Culture Wise guides reduce the anxiety factor in adapting to a foreign culture; explain how to behave in everyday situations in order to avoid cultural and social gaffes; help you get along with neighbours, make friends and establish lasting business contacts; and enhance your understanding of a country and its people.


Download the PDF Sample now FREE of charge (including the Table of Contents) and see for yourself the wealth of information this book contains.



I've been searching for a book about Chinese culture for some time, as I have Chinese friends who can sometimes appear very `different' in their outlook and views. This book answers many of my questions, especially their attitudes to privacy and the great importance they put on family values.

The author has apparently lived in China for many years and clearly knows, understands and loves the country. This isn't a book all about expatriate life in Beijing or Shanghai; rather it's a collection of gentle but insightful observations about life in the middle of the Middle Kingdom, covering everything from finding a job to seeing a doctor, and with countless useful facts for anyone planning to visit or stay there. I especially enjoyed the chapters on shopping and eating out. I will never leave my chopsticks sticking up in my rice bowl again! And the chapter on language is fascinating. I can't imagine I'll ever learn to speak Chinese but I no longer find the language so alien. And I've learn how to say 'hello'(ni hao!).

There's so much information here that it's sometimes hard to take in, but it's broken up into easily digestible chapters so it's not difficult to find out about specific subjects - travelling by train, for example, or where to buy English language newspapers. The well thought-out index helps, too, and there are extensive appendices in the back with links to websites and more books.

But it feels like much more than a travel guide. It's also a book about culture and how it impacts on people's lives, and even if I never actually go to China - and reading this book really makes me want to visit - then at least I feel I understand the country and its people much better.
- avidreader, Amazon

RRP: £10.95 Survival Books
Author: Leo Lacey
ISBN-10: 1-907339-27-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-907339-27-1
Edition: 1st
Published: 1st May 2011
Number of Pages: 272 Pages
Dimensions: 130mm W x 200mm H
Book Type: Paperback