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Culture Wise India


The Essential Guide to Culture, Customs & Business Etiquette

Travellers often underestimate the depth of cultural isolation they can face abroad, particularly in a country with a different language. To many people, India may seem a relatively easy option, with its historic ties to Britain, widespread use of English (the country’s lingua franca) and millions of annual visitors. However, sooner or later most newcomers find certain aspects of Indian life alien – and some come unstuck as a result. Culture Wise India will help you understand India and its people, and adapt to the Indian way of life. Most importantly, it will enable you to quickly feel at home.


Inside you’ll discover:

? How to deal with and overcome culture shock

? The historical & political background to modern India

? Indian attitudes & values – at home and at work

? Do’s, don’ts & taboos

? How to enjoy yourself the Indian way

? Business & professional etiquette

? India’s spoken & body language

? Getting around India safely

? Shopping the Indian way


The Culture Wise series of guides is essential reading for visitors who want to understand how a country really works. Whether you’re planning to stay for a few days or a lifetime, they will help you find you feet after arrival, settle in smoothly and integrate into your new surroundings.

            Culture Wise guides reduce the anxiety factor in adapting to a foreign culture; explain how to behave in everyday situations in order to avoid cultural and social gaffes; help you get along with neighbours, make friends and establish lasting business contacts; and enhance your understanding of a country and its people.


Download the PDF Sample now FREE of charge (including the Table of Contents) and see for yourself the wealth of information this book contains.



This is a wonderful introduction to the culture and customs of India. It is useful for tourists, business visitors or for those planning to move there.

I found this book made me excited about my trip to India and to meeting Indian people. It also arms you with knowledge that will make you a little bit more streetwise so you can avoid any dangerous situations.

It also tells you how not to offend local people (not showing affection or kissing your partner in publics for example) as well as how to politely refuse local hospitality should you want or need to.

The book is laid out clearly so you can get to the information you want quickly. It also deals with the nitty gritty aspects of travelling abroad such as tipping, money exchange, Visas and so on.
- SusanM, Amazon

This is a gem of a book that provides many pieces of cultural interest and practical advice for traveling. I will take this with me on my first trip to India. It is clear the writer is well versed in Indian culture and has an honest approach with sharing the "real story." - mary lou, Amazon

Author: Noel Gama
ISBN-10: 1-905303-47-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-905303-47-2
Edition: 1st
Published: 1st May 2009
Number of Pages: 224 Pages
Dimensions: 130mm W x 200mm H
Book Type: Paperback