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Survival Books was established in 1987 and by the mid-1990s was the leading publisher of books for expats and migrants planning to live, work, buy property and retire abroad.

         Our philosophy has always been to provide the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date information as possible, and our titles often contain up to twice as much information as ‘similar’ books and are updated more frequently. Most of our guidebooks are printed in full colour and contain original illustrations, photographs and maps. Survival Books are designed to be easy – and interesting – to read, and invariably contain a comprehensive list of contents and/or index, plus handy appendices such as useful websites.

         Survival Books are written by experts in their fields with first-hand experience of London (and other countries, as applicable) – either residents, former residents or frequent visitors – ably assisted by a host of local researchers. They provide invaluable insights into the subject at hand that cannot easily be obtained from official publications or websites – information that is more comprehensive and reliable (and more objective) than that provided by the majority of official and unofficial websites.


Many of our books are available as both PDF and Kindle eBooks - see individual books - and all have a sample PDF you can download for free.

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